Eknath Shinde to Prove Majority on July 4th

Story Highlights
  • Shinde to prove majority on July 4th.
  • Speaker nominations and elections to be held on July 2nd and 3rd.
  • Shinde took oath as the 20th CM of Maharashtra on Thursday.

Mumbai: Newly appointed Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde will have to prove Majority in the Maharashtra Assembly on Monday. Claiming to have support of 175 MLAs Shinde said that thetest of strength is only a formality and he is confident his govt would pass the test.

Thetest of strength will be on held on Monday when the SC would be hearing petitions filed by Thackeray’s team seeking to disqaulify 15 Sena Rebels including Shinde. On the 2nd July, the nomination for Speaker’s election will be filed and will be elected the subsequent day. On July 4th the Vote of Confidence will be taken.

Shinde was sworn in as the new CM of Maharashtra on Thursday evening. While BJP stalwart Fadnavis took oath as the Deputy CM of the 20th cabinet governing the state. The swearing in came just in 24 hours after the Maha Vikas Aghadi Govt collpased.

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