Election 2021: Bengal Political Fiasco; TMC MP Derek O’Brien Takes Jibe at Opposition

Story Highlights
  • Derek target the BJP party by saying they are the “tourist gang”
  • He said this in reply to PM’s speech against Bengal
  • This statement comes ahead of the 2021 state elections designated to take place on April-May this year

Kolkata: A top TMC leader and MP Derek O’Brien commented on the “tourist gang” BJP after the prime minister visited the state and commented about the state’s ruling party leaders. The PM in an address said that Bengal cannot proliferate “as long as cut money culture, syndicate rule and ‘tolabaji’ (extortion) persist”, and he further said that “TMC does not care the poor, needy and women of the state”, regarding the monetary schemes of the state.

After his comments, TMC MP Derek O’Brien could not hold himself from commenting back at the PM. He said, “Today, the senior-most member of the ‘tourist gang’ bad-mouthed Bengal in his ‘teleprompter performance’. Then how come Centre awards us #1 in 100 days work, small scale industries, rural housing, rural road, minority scholarship, skill development, EODB- Business, e-tendering and more”.

The WB state polls are designated to take place in April-May this year and the fight between the two political parties BJP and TMC is at the peak. We have to wait a few more months to see the results of this clash. However, many political leaders of the TMC party have already resigned from the ruling party and joined the BJP party in the last few months.

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