Election 2021: Narendra Modi Promises The Fishing Community to Promote Blue Economy in West Bengal

Story Highlights
  • PM Modi promised to give Rs 6,000 per year to the fishermen
  • Three to four lakh families are dependent on fishing
  • The BJP is getting positive reactions after the promise of the PM

Kolkata: The fishing community of East Midnapore, West Bengal showed a feeling of elation when Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to promote the blue economy of West Bengal and to develop harbors and tourism in the state. Those who are dependent on the sea for their livelihoods will get Rs 6,000 per year from the BJP Government.

The votes of these communities are huge in number in Assembly seats which have the power to sway poll results. So, these announcements were made for this reason.

Noni Gopal, a fisherman at Digha Mohana was very happy after hearing the announcement and also praised the PM for such a move. He said, “Modi Ji said that he will give Rs 6,000. Whether we get it or not, we want PM Modi. We love him. I think Modi will win”.

Shyam Sunder, Secretary of Digha Fisherman Association stated that 400 to 500 metric tons of fish come every day to the Digha Mohana market for sale. He added, “There are 3 to 4 lakh families who are dependent on this for livelihood. There are 150 families of fishermen in Digha Mohana and approximately 10 thousand people are employed in it”.

To improve the economy associated with fisheries and allied trades, the PM has assured that they will develop harbors and tourism. Many people are looking forward to the promises made by the PM and the BJP is also getting positive reactions.

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