Election Commission to Announces Election Dates For HP

Shimla: The Election Commission of India has announced the election dates for Himachal Pradesh today through a Press Conference. The Election Commission announced single-phase polling in Himachal Pradesh on November 12, counting on December 8. There are 43000 first-time voters in HP. EC would also provide a facility for voting at home for places where 1000 voters above 100 years of age are there.

The term of the Gujarat assembly will end on February 18 while that of Himachal Pradesh will end on January 8. the date for Gujarat assembly elections have not been announced yet.

The Election Commission recently visited both states to review election preparedness. The Gujarat assembly has 182 seats with 92 as the majority mark, while Himachal Pradesh has 68 assembly seats, 35 is the majority.

Earlier in the 2017 elections, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) won 99 seats in Gujarat and the Congress 77. In Himachal Pradesh, BJP won 44 seats and Congress 21. Political parties have set the stage for crucial elections in the two BJP-ruled states. These states have witnessed back-to-back rallies and visits by top leaders including prime minister Narendra Modi.

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