Elections Should be Held with Ballot Papers: Senior Baghel to PreZ

Story Highlights
  • Nand Kumar Baghel writes to President urging re-instillation of traditional voting system.
  • Demanded an ‘euthanasia’ if demands were not fulfilled.
  • Senior Baghel heads the Rashtriya Matdata Jagriti Manch.


Chhattisgarh: Ahead of the by-polls scheduled in 5 states, Nand Kumar Baghel father of Chhattisgarh CM raised doubts on the credibility of EVMs. Writing to the PreZ on Monday, senior Baghel urged re-institution of the traditional voter ballot to hold elections in the country.

“All the constitutional rights of the citizens of the country are being violated on a large scale. The three pillars of democracy- Legislature, Judiciary and Executive, are being destroyed. The media is also working at the behest of the three pillars of democracy. No one is paying heed to the citizens of the country. There is a sense of fear among citizens,” the letter read.

Heading the Rashtriya Matdata Jagriti Manch, Nand Kumar Baghel put forth his thoughts on the election strategy of the country. Pressing the right to democracy, he underscored that the EVMs were not certified by any national level or internal for a cent per cent accuracy.  “Despite this fact, by conducting polling using the machines in India, which is the biggest democracy in the world, the constitutional right of my vote is being violated. There is no guarantee whether my vote is cast in favour of whom I pressed the button through the EVM machine,” he further added.

He demanded ‘euthanasia’ if the centre failed to fulfil his demands. “If voting with ballot paper is not possible, then he (President) should allow me euthanasia on National Voters’ Day on January 25 this year”, he urged.

Many countries of the world, including England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, have banned the use of EVMs. In March 2009, the Supreme Court of Germany ruled that voting through EVM was unconstitutional.

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