Electricity Regulatory Commission Adds up to the Inflation; Raipur to pay More 37 Paise per Unit

Story Highlights
  • The Electricity Regulatory Commission strikes hard on the Raipur citizens
  • Raises the price per unit consumption, charging 37 paise more
  • Price per unit for Domestic usage, Gauthans and agricultural supply restructured

Raipur: The Electricity suppliers have upped the energy rates building up pressure on the already crippled citizens of Raipur. The Electricity Regulatory Commission today announced a hike in electricity rates by an average of 37 paise per unit.

The new tariff has been implemented from 1st August, which presents a rise of about 6 per cent.   

 Chairman of the Commission Hemant Verma said that the average rate for the financial year 2021-22 is 6.41 paise per unit against the 5.93 paise per unit, which is 48 paise per unit higher than last year. Additionally, the energy charges for consumers with non subsidized agricultural power pumps have been increased to 20 per cent from the currently effective 10 per cent discount.‎  

It is reported that the tariff has been restructured with a marginal increase in domestic rates. Gauthans in rural areas have also been kept within the limit of domestic rates. Moreover, bills of more than Rs 5,000 should be paid online, Mr Hemant informed.

He asserted that there has been no rise in the electricity charges for the past three years. And so ideally there should have been a rise of 3 per cent, which is stalled due to the pandemic.

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