Elephant Attack Unseizable; 35-Year-Old Farmer Injured

•Farmer injured after jumbo attacks him in Baloda Bazar.

•The injured farmer has been identified as Patiram Kewat (35) and has been referred to Bilaspur. 

•A herd of elephants has been prowling the area for several days.

Chhattisgarh: On Thursday, an elephant attack in Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh, injured a farmer. The sight of the elephant gathered a huge crowd. In the meanwhile, an elephant came near a farmer and rammed his trunk into him. The elephant managed to flee as the villagers began shouting. The injured farmer’s condition is thought to be critical, and he has been referred to Bilaspur for treatment. 

A team of 14 elephants arrived in the Kasdol area’s village Bilari, according to sources. In his effort to observe the elephant, a local man named Patiram Kewat (35) approached him. Following this, the villagers notified the hospital’s forest department, and the injured farmer was admitted to Bilaigarh Hospital, from where he was transferred to Bilaspur after he was critical. The Forest Department is currently providing immediate financial help. A herd of elephants has been prowling the area for several days, according to reports.

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