Elephants Kill Man in Sleep; Forest Officials Launch Search

GARIABAND: A herd of elephants killed a 67-year-old in his hut while he was asleep said officials. Around 30-35 elephants are said to have camped in the forests of the Gariaband district.

Sources have reported movements of the wild tuskers in Jarhidih village of development block HQs Mainpur Udanti Sitanfi Tiger reserve buffer zone. According to locals the tuskers on Tuesday night trampled the old man sleeping in his hut killing him on the spot.

Locals on seeing the attack raised an alarm and alerted the residents. As per sources, the elephants have destroyed a huge area of crops upsetting the farmers.

Forest officials immediately swung into action and issued an alert informing that the elephant herd has divided into groups. Aggressive search for the wild tuskers is on. Meanwhile, the forest department has provided financial assistance to the kin of the deceased.

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