Elon Musk Subpoenas Former Twitter Ex-Head Dorsey

Story Highlights
  • Musks’ lawyers submit summon to EX CEO Twitter.
  • The summon asks for details in the bot activities the ex chief was aware of.
  • Twitter and Musk will have first trial on October 17th.

As Twitter and Elon Musk prepare for their face off on October 17th, the Tesla chiefs’ legal team has submitted a subpoena for evidence from the ex CEO of the microblogging site.

As per reports, Dorsey was served the subpoena last week by Musks’ lawyer asking him for details and documents he had knowledge about, regarding the acquisition. The team also sought information about the effect of bots on Twitters’ business, including details like the count of daily active fake users on the platform.

Twitter filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk who was scheduled to take over the platform in April but backed out raising questions on the bots or spam accounts on Twitter, accusing the company of hiding accurate data. However, Twitter wants Musk to go ahead with the $44bn deal.

Dorsey stepped down at the CEO for the second time in November last year and handed over the control to Parag Agarwal. He’s currently running the Square and Block and reportedly egging on Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter in private messages.

Twitter and Musk are to have their first trail in the Delaware Court of Chancery in October.

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