Eminent Kathak Artist Pt. Birju Maharaj on a Toss after Centre Asks to Vacate His Year-Long Accommodation

Story Highlights
  • Pt. Birju Maharaj has been awarded Padma Vibhushan and other such national honor for which he was given Govt accommodation in Delhi
  • Of late, he along with some other senior artists have been shown the door by the central Govt and asked to vacate the accommodation, artists in a fizzy
  • The Delhi HC has stayed the order as of now and also directed that they are the national treasures of our country and must be well taken care of

New Delhi: India’s art and cultural importance are praised worldwide. The artists of India contribute to the cultural development on a vast note. Thus, taking care of them must be the priority of our government.

But on a different note, Pt. Birju Maharaj along with some other senior artists have been shown the doors of their government accommodations. They were deciphered with this honor due to their achievements and contributions in the field of art and culture. 

Padma Vibhushan awardee Pt. Birju Maharaj goes on a toss as he has no accommodation options in Delhi apart from the Govt accommodation he lives in. Also, the artists do not have much resourceful income these days and so, they are also not financially capable of bearing this burden of not having a home in Delhi.

All the artists have challenged this decision by the centre and the Delhi HC has stayed the order as of now. These eminent artists are brand ambassadors of the country for art and culture and thus they must be dealt with more convincingly, said their plea to the HC. If the decision is not reversed then it might leave them homeless.

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