Ethiopia Massacre: 35 Women and 17 Children amongst the 207 Killed

Story Highlights
  • Deadly massacre in Ethiopia’s Metekel area killed 207 people, crops also burnt during the early dawn attack
  • Metekel area of western Ethiopia suffered such deadly attacks before too; Gumuz people were blamed by local leaders
  • Victims are being identified so that relevant humanitarian assistance can be provided to them

World: A deadly massacre attack in west Ethiopia’s Metekel area killed 207 people most of which there are 35 women and 17 children. A 6-month-old baby was also amongst those who killed in the attack.

The Ethiopia human rights commission (EHRC) on Friday tweeted, “133 of the victims were adult men and 35 were adult women. Seventeen children, one of whom a six-month-old baby, and 20 elderly persons were killed”.

These attacks on this part of the nation are not new and several such deadly attacks have been carried out before. While the local leaders blame the Gumuz people for the attack, it is yet to be identified who caused the attack.

The EHRC further said that “effort is underway to identify the victims with the help of survivors and identity cards” and they also made an appeal to “relevant authorities to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the victims and persons displaced by the attack”.

Several victims and locals have taken shelter in the city of Bulen which is situated 40 kms away from the attack site. A person who witnessed this in Bulen said, “Bulen city is overwhelmed. The roads leading to the city are still teeming with displaced persons and their herds of cattle”. Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian PM said, “The massacre in the Benishangul-Gumuz region is very tragic” and that he is looking on to the matter significantly.

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