Exchange of Views between India and Japan on a Varied Range of Issues

Story Highlights
  • Virtual meet of 9th India-japan consultations took place on Wednesday
  • Both nations discussed issues on conventional weapons, biological and chemical disarmament, outer space security, etc.
  • They understood the need for such exchange of views to integrate better strategies to their partnership

New Delhi: India and Japan have a ‘Special Strategic and Global Partnership’ between them that makes them come to terms with global issues that have mutual interests.

On Wednesday, the India-japan ‘Consultations on Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Export Control’ took place that led to the mutual understanding of both nations on a wide range of issues.

It was the 9th round of such a meet and the last one was held in December 2019, in Tokyo. India and Japan came to terms with several issues that include non-proliferation and conventional weapons, nuclear, chemical, and biological disarmament, export control, and outer space security.

An MEA released after the meet said, “The two sides exchanged views on a range of contemporary issues of mutual interest in the areas of nuclear, chemical, biological disarmament and non-proliferation, conventional weapons, outer space security and export control”.

It can be expected that through such mutual interests, both nations will get maximum benefits in the discussed sectors.

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