Explosions Heard in Kyiv as Peace Talks are Underway

Story Highlights
  • Russian Major Gen Oleg Mityaev killed by Ukranian Defence.
  • 3,000 hackers join Ukraine to fight cyber chaos amidst war.
  • Explosions heard in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia.

Kyiv: As the supposed  ‘special military operation’ initiated by Russia entered the third week, an advisor to the Ukrainian President said that the war was at the crossroads, either an agreement will be reached or Moscow would re-enforce its attacks.  In a video message released early morning, Zelensky is heard saying that the position of Ukraine and Russia peace talks were sounding more realistic but time-consuming.

The Ukrainian defence dept reported two explosions in the Zaporizhzhia railway station. According to reports by the ground sources, Russian Major Gen Oleg Mityaev was killed during counterattacks. Explosions were heard in the suburbs of Kyiv, sources added. It is learnt that more than 300,000 volunteer hackers are helping Ukraine win the cyberwar against Russia. On a Telegram group called “IT Army of Ukraine”, these volunteers are assigned tasks designed to target Russian websites. These hackers have joined the fight from Ukraine’s side to level the playing field, as many cyber security firms report “cyber chaos” amid the Russia-Ukraine fight.

According to the UN, nearly 3 million people have fled from the conflict zones since February 24th. UNICEF in a press release said that every minute 55 children were turning into refugees.

On Tuesday, PMs of the three neighbouring EU nations arrived in Kyiv showing solidarity with President Zelensky as the Russian saboteurs edged closer to the capital. At least 5 people died in Kyiv as Moscow renewed bombardment.

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