Extra Beds In Hospitals To Treat Dengue As It Crosses 1,000-Mark

Story Highlights
  • Delhi registered 1,006 cases of dengue this year.
  • 283 fresh cases reported in last week.
  • Hospital beds fill up fast.

New Delhi: Even as the city’s Covid-19 cases are at record low, Delhi faces a new threat in the form of dengue fever. According to a civic report, the national capital has recorded 1,006 dengue cases this year, with 283 new cases reported in the last week.

Dengue fever has been on the rise in Delhi for the past two weeks. The overall number of dengue cases reported in Delhi until October 23 is 665, the highest number since the same period in 2018. On October 18, the first dengue-related death was reported in Delhi. Mamta Kashyap, 35, a resident of Sarita Vihar in South Delhi, was identified as the dead.

Fever beds in hospitals in the city are quickly filling up as the number of cases rises, according to doctors. A senior doctor from the hospital said, “There has been an increase in the number of dengue patients. We are admitting 5-10 patients daily. There are some cases of other viral fevers, and malaria and chikungunya as well. We have set up a fever clinic from where the patients are referred to the 100-bed fever ward. Currently, the ward is half full. If there is a need, the number of beds will be increased.” Last Monday, the Delhi government cut the number of Covid-19 beds in private hospitals from 30% to 10%, with the excess beds being used to treat dengue and other fever patients.

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