Eyeballs of Two Dead Bodies Both Male Found Missing in MP

MADHYA PRADESH: Kept in the mortuary of the Sagar District Hospital in Madhya Pradesh for the past 15 days an eye each of two male bodies has gone missing.

According to sources, rats gnawed the eyes of the dead bodies at the Sagar District Hospital.

25-year-old Ramesh Ahiwar, the latest patient admitted to the district hospital on January 16 after he suffered grevious injuries in a medico legal case was put on ventilator support and he died the next night.

On January 19, when the dead body was taken out from the deep freezer, one eye was missing. Dr Abhishek Thakur, Resident Medical Officer of the district hospital, said that the dead body was kept in the freezer in the mortuary, which was functioning normally.

Notices have been issued to four medical officers, including civil surgeon Dr Jyoti Chauhan by the CMHO and a reply is sought within 48 hours.

Investigations are underway and a report shall be released following the scrutinization of the CCTV footages.

In a case earlier on January 4th, a 32-year-old Motilal Gound was brought to the district hospital by his family members after he fell unconsciousness in a farm in Amet village. He was declared brought dead in the OPD of the hospital. In the morning, when the doctor arrived for the postmortem, he saw that one eye of the dead body was missing. At that time, due to the malfunction of the deep freezer, the dead body was kept on an open table in the mortuary.

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