Fake Company in CG makes Fraud of 2 crores; Case Registered

Durg, Chhattisgarh: A case of cheating against three people who cheated Rs 1.74 crore has been registered in the Mohan Nagar police of Durg. The accused made a fake company and ordered goods worth crores from another company, after which they did not pay it. Durg police are investigating the matter.

Mohan Nagar police said that Akash Daygude, a resident of Arya Nagar Durg, has complained about the case of cheating. He is a Supervisor at Arbit Electromet India Private Limited Company. He told that a business deal was settled with his company from Balram Kumar of Beguni Fatwa district Patna Bihar, Rajiv Ranjan Upadhyay, resident of house number 15 Kindwaipuri bunch, and Praveen Prakash, resident of 21 A Begumpur Malvi Nagar, New Delhi.

These people had created a fake company named Nirmanyam and RRP Solution. The deal was settled for business with these two companies with Rs 16 crore plus 18 percent GST. Orbit Company had sent goods worth Rs 3 crore 28 lakh 47 thousand 826 to his company. The accused have not given Rs 1 crore 74 lakh 74 thousand 175 to the company so far. Balram, Rajeev Ranjan Upadhyay, and Praveen Prakash have cheated by hatching a conspiracy by preparing a fake company Nirmanyam, RRP Solution.

Akash told that his company is located in Umda Tila Cantonment and Arya Nagar fort. The business of buying and selling scrap from Bhilai Steel Plant and other local organizations is done by them. On 18 October, Rajiv Ranjan Upadhyay and Praveen Prakash Bhilai of Patna (Bihar) reached his office. Both had expressed their desire to do business together. After the agreement between the two, the lane of scrub was done. Later it was found that he started the business by forming a fake company. Police are investing the matter further.

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