Fans can Cherish ’83’on the Christmas Eve

Story Highlights
  • Kabir Khan helmed 83 to release on December 24th.
  • The movie is inspired by the historic 1983 World Cup India Won.
  • Kabir Khan shares his directorial journey.

The much-anticipated sports genre film of the year 83’ is all set to hit the theatres on the eve of Christmas. A movie inspired by the historic 1983 Cricket World Cup, is helmed by the talented Kabir Khan, with legendary Kapil Dev, being played by Ranveer Singh. Sharing his experience of recreating history Khan said, “ It’s been a labour of love that we have nurtured for years. I cannot wait for everyone to finally watch that come alive on screen.”

From sharing their story to giving him the freedom to interpret, Khan was overwhelmed by the support Kapi Dev and the original team made while delivering their part. “Refusing to attend any screening, Kapil Dev sir said they will all sit together as a team and watch 83 when it’s released, Khan added.” Hailing days of casting and shooting, the director expressed that he had to be certain with all the details to avoid flaws and recreate the legendary and profoundly ingrained event in Indians.

The movie was announced tax-free in Delhi on December 21 by the Kejriwal Govt. Scheduled to release on December 24,  veteran cricket lovers would cherish the pressure that India overpowered in the 1983 World Cup against West Indies.

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