Farmer Gathering at Singhu Border, Refusing the Offer for North Delhi Protest Site

New Delhi: Farmers from Punjab and Haryana gathered at Tikri Border and kept up holding grounds as well.  The decision on whether they would head to the designated protest site or not is still on hold.

“We will not move from here (Singhu Border) and continue our fight. We will not return home. Thousands of farmers have come from Punjab and Haryana to join the protest.” – said a farmer leader after the meeting at the Singhu border.

Thousands of farmers tried entering the capital on Friday, to hold a peaceful protest at the Sant Nirankari Ground, but many of them stayed at the border points after receiving water cannons and teargas from the security personnel. Therefore, they are still undecided about whether to head to the demonstration site identified by the police personnel or not.

Yesterday, the Delhi border witnessed police using teargas shells, water cannons, and multi-layer barricades to block the protestors from entering the city, while farmers started their counter-attack by pelting stones and breaking barricades, with their determination to carry on their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march against the new farm laws. 

Later, a meeting was held between the senior police officials and the farmer leaders, and Police permitted the farmers to hold a peaceful demonstration at Nirankari Ground. But Darshan Pal, a senior farmer leader said that they would stay at the border points for Friday night and take a decision on Saturday.

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