Farmers Block Delhi-Chandigarh Highway Demanding MSP for Sunflower Seeds

New Delhi– On Monday, a sizable gathering of farmers gathered after holding a maha panchayat (grand council) in the Kurukshetra district of Haryana, causing traffic on the Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway to stop. In Kurukshetra, wrestler Bajrang Punia joined the maha panchayat at midday and supported the farmers.

Their primary demand was establishing a minimum support price (MSP) for sunflower seeds. The farmers, representing various unions and organisations, expressed their concerns regarding the lack of a guaranteed MSP for sunflower crops, affecting their livelihoods.

During the maha panchayat, farmers discussed the challenges they face in cultivating sunflower seeds and the economic hardships resulting from the absence of an MSP. They emphasised the importance of fair pricing to ensure their sustainability and to protect their interests. The farmers protested in the streets and blocked the Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway to voice their complaints.

The disruption caused significant inconvenience to commuters and resulted in a traffic jam along the highway. The protest aimed to draw attention to the farmers’ plight and pressure the government to address their demand for good sunflower seeds MSP. The farmers have been grappling with economic uncertainty and the lack of support from the authorities, leading them to voice their concerns through collective action.

The protest reflects farmers across India’s ongoing struggles, who often find themselves at the mercy of fluctuating market prices and inadequate government policies. The demand for a guaranteed MSP for sunflower seeds highlights the need for agricultural reforms and fair pricing mechanisms that can provide stability and ensure the welfare of farmers. The farmers’ will to defend their rights emphasises how urgent it is to address their issues and find long-term solutions to maintain their livelihoods.

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