Farmers’ Protest: Protesting Farmers Participating in Tractor Rally at Various Delhi Border Points

Story Highlights
  • On the 6th week of the ongoing farmers' agitation, the agitating farmers from various border points in Delhi are participating in a tractor rally today
  • The tractor rally, starting from the Ghazipur border, is moving towards Palwal, and it will end after coming back to the starting point through the Eastern Peripheral Expressway

New Delhi: As the 6th week is about to pass since the farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh started protesting against the Centre’s ‘black laws’ with a ‘sit on protest’ at various borders around the national capital, the farmer leaders have called for a tractor rally on Thursday, prior to the 8th round of talks with the Central Cabinet ministers which has been scheduled for January 8.

The tractor rally, as a voice of protest against the Centre’s newly implemented farm laws, has been scheduled to begin from Ghazipur border point in Ghaziabad district (Delhi-UP border); the rally is then scheduled to be moving towards Palwal, Haryana, and will be back to the beginning point through the Eastern Peripheral Expressway.

Pictures and videos are doing rounds on the internet, from the points where the tractor rally is taking place, surrounded by tight security. It is noteworthy that, on January 4, the 7th round of talks between the central cabinet ministers and leaders of farmers’ unions took place, which also ended without any proper conclusion, like the talks that were held previously. The 8th round of talks between the Centre and the farmers, however, have been scheduled to be held on the 8th of January.

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