Fatal Attack at Punjagutta’s Meridian Biryani Restaurant Over ‘Additional Raita’ in Hyderabad

Punjagutta: A disturbing incident in Hyderabad has shocked the community as a customer was tragically killed at the known Meridian Biryani Restaurant in Punjagutta. The unfortunate event occurred when Liyaqat, an individual with children from the Chandralok area in Hyderabad, visited the restaurant to request raita for his biryani.

A disagreement between Liyaqat and the restaurant staff quickly escalated into a confrontation. Shockingly it is alleged that both the restaurant owner and staff were involved in assaulting the customer resulting in his death.

According to reports, this isn’t the time that such altercations have occurred at the Meridian Biryani Restaurant. The establishment has been involved in incidents of conflicts, including concerns regarding parking congestion and traffic disruptions. Additionally, there have been complaints about the behaviour of the restaurant’s staff towards customers.

The tragic incident took place around 11 PM at Punjaguttas Meridian Biryani Restaurant, leaving the community shaken and distressed. The Hyderabad police have initiated an investigation into this act of violence. They are examining CCTV footage from both inside the restaurant and surrounding areas to piece together a timeline of events leading up to this incident.

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