Fatal Tractor Trolley Accident: 1 Dead, 3 Injured

Dantewada: Tragedy struck when a tractor carrying a total of 10 individuals, including two women, met with a fatal accident in the vicinity of Potali Patelpar. The incident occurred when the tractor overturned, plunging into a roadside pit. This caused a 35-year-old man to die on the spot.

In the aftermath of the accident, it was revealed that two other passengers, identified as Kawasi Joga, aged 30, and Podiyum Umar aged 23, sustained severe injuries. Joga suffered a head injury, while the later endured a serious left leg injury along with a shoulder injury.

Upon receiving information about the incident, a dedicated team of medical professionals sprang into action. EMT Suraj Prakash Sakhian and pilot Ashok Singh Thakur swiftly responded making their way to the location in Potali.

The incident took place when a group of villagers from Gonderas were in the transporting bricks from Kuakonda and to their village. Tragically, near Potali, the tractor lost control and overturned, causing severe injuries to three individuals.

Immediate medical assistance was sought, and the injured victims were swiftly transported by ambulance to Kuakonda Hospital for treatment. They are stable and out of danger said police officials.

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