FIFA WC: Match Draw between Morocco and Last Time Runner-Up Croatia

Qatar: The FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and Croatia ended in a draw today. No team was able to score till the full 90 minutes of the game was completed. This is the third match of this World Cup, in which no team has been able to score a goal. Earlier, there was no goal scored in the match between Poland and Mexico. At the same time, no goal was scored in the match between Denmark and Tunisia as well. 

Croatia, the runner-up team in the last World Cup, was being considered a favorite in this match. This team had the best chance to win the first match and get two points, but they could not score any goal and in the end, had to share a point with Morocco. In this match, Morocco made eight attempts to make a goal. Only two of these shots were on target and even in these, the goal could not be scored. 

At the same time, Croatia made five attempts to make a goal and they too had only two shots on target. Both these attempts were also unsuccessful and Croatia could not score either. However, Croatia’s game was much better than Morocco’s. This team controlled 65 percent of the ball, while Morocco’s control of the ball remained at only 35 percent. Croatia’s players hit the target 85 percent of the time, while Morocco’s 78 percent of passes were accurate. 

A Moroccan player also received a yellow card, while none of Croatia’s players received any cards. However, a goal attempt by Croatia was ruled offside. Had this goal been valid, Croatia could have won the match. Croatia also got five corners, but the team could not take advantage of any. Croatia committed 11 fouls in this match. At the same time, Morocco committed 16 fouls. There are 2 more matches today between Germany and Japan at 6.30 pm IST and between Spain and Costa Rica at 9.30 pm IST.

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