FIFA WC: Riots in Brussels after Belgium-Morocco Match

Brussels: Massive violence broke out in Brussels after Morocco’s victory over Belgium on Sunday in an ongoing FIFA World Cup match taking place in Qatar. After this, the Belgian police detained a dozen people and arrested one. At the same time, protesters set fire to a car and some electric scooters in Brussels. Riots took place in many places in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Many of the football fans involved in the violence carried Moroccan flags. At the same time, to control the people, the police fired water cannons and tear gas shells.

Following Belgium’s crushing defeat, fans ransacked and rioted. Due to the uproar, police had to impose tight blockades in several areas and use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the people who turned violent. Enraged by the unexpected defeat against Morocco, people set fires and threw stones at cars. It is not yet known how many people have been detained by the police. Some supporters of Moroccan origin started celebrating their victory, after which violence broke out.

The Moroccan team made the third major upset of this World Cup by defeating Belgium. Earlier, Saudi Arabia had defeated Argentina and Japan had defeated Germany. Morocco beat Belgium 2-0 to win their first World Cup. It was Morocco’s third win in World Cup history. 

Their last win was in 1998. Then Morocco defeated Scotland 3–0. They got their first victory in 1986. Morocco beat Portugal 3-1. The Moroccan team is playing in the World Cup for the sixth time. Sabiri and Zakaria scored goals in this match for Morocco. This is the first win for the 22nd-ranked team Morocco in this World Cup. Their last match against Croatia ended in a draw.

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