FINOLOGY: First-Ever SEBI-Registered Investment Advisory Company in Chhattisgarh

Founded by Pranjal Kamra, the YouTuber ‘Investment Guru’, “Finology” is a phenomenal platform that will offer unbiased financial education along with useful investment advice. It is a Robo-advisory solution base, which is entirely commission-free.

The foundation stone for the platform was set unknowingly, when Kamra, the founder, started his journey in this field as a YouTuber in 2017, clearing the biggest of the misconceptions among the ones who have started investing in the global market, or thinking of giving it a start.

A year later, in 2018, driven by its enormous subscriber-base, the YouTube channel converted into a fintech platform, aiming dedicatedly to monitor the making of an investor, starting from its training to the research period, and up to the investments. 

Kamra, the founder of Finology, thought of taking his first step as an advisor, when he realized how financial services are immensely misled in India, along with several other countries. His realization made him utilize the years of experience he achieved from the National Institutes of Securities Markets, which gave birth to his YouTube channel and Finology simultaneously. He revealed that before starting as an advisor, he had multiple discussions with various industry experts. 

“My childhood friend Priya Jain joined the team shortly after as a Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer. It has been a smooth ride ever since. We today cater to a growing user base of 12,000+ customers with a strong team of 41 employees. We enlighten people with all relevant topics of the investor lifecycle. At the same time, we also drive transactions, investor education, and advisory. The response has been really well with constantly growing traction”, stated Kamra,

Adding, “We are the first and only SEBI-registered investment advisory company in Chhattisgarh”. It is noteworthy that, for an investment advisory firm, qualifying as ‘SEBI-registered’ requires a particular qualification criterion as well as a net worth of minimum of 50 lakhs. 

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