Fire Broke Out In BJP Councillor’s House

Story Highlights
  • A fire broke out in the house of Councilor Rikesh Sen.
  • The reason for this is being said to be short circuit.
  • No causalities have been reported so far.

Bhilai: A fire broke out in the Vaishali Nagar house of former Bhilai Municipal Corporation Leader of Opposition and senior councillor Rikesh Sen on Saturday night. Suddenly there were sparks like fireworks and sounds like the bursting of firecrackers from inside the house. The fire brigade was immediately informed as soon as the fire started, after which the fire was extinguished. By the time the fire brigade team reached there, the fire had grown considerably.

The EWS-632 house near the Government Hospital in Vaishalinagar belongs to BJP Councilor Rikesh Sen. The people of the locality noticed around 8.30 pm that a spark was coming out near the electric meter installed outside the house of Rikesh. Due to the burning of the cable due to the fire, sparks started coming out of it and the sounds like explosions of bombs were heard. Seeing this sight, the people of the locality got scared. People tried a lot to douse the fire, but due to the spark emanating, people did not go ahead.

Thereafter, the fire brigade personnel reached and brought the fire under control by disconnecting the power connection. It is being told that the fire started due to a short circuit. There was a short circuit in the electricity meter installed outside the house. Fortunately, the fire was brought under control immediately. Councilor Rikesh Sen and his family were also out and there was no one at home. If the fire was not brought under control soon, it could have been a disaster.

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