Fire In Diesel Tank In Shree Cement Plant

Story Highlights
  • Fire broke out at Shree Cement's plant in Balodabazar.
  • The cause of the accident has not been known yet.
  • There is loss of lakhs of rupees due to the fire.

Balodabazar: A sudden fire broke out at Shree Cement’s plant in Balodabazar, Chhattisgarh on Monday afternoon. The flames and the black smoke emanating from it are so much that they are visible from afar. The cause of the accident is not clear. However, it is being told that the fire broke out during welding. According to the information, there is a plant of Shree cement in Khapradih. Some labourers were doing welding work here.

Meanwhile, a fire broke out in a tanker standing near Line-3 of the plant. Before anyone could understand, the fire took a formidable form. It is being told that due to a spark, the fire started in the diesel tank. The fire has also been said to have started due to the extreme heat. It is being told that neither the emergency alarm sounded nor there were any security arrangements during the accident. As of now, no casualty has been reported. The fire has been brought under control. On behalf of the management, no one is being allowed to go inside the plant.

According to sources, there is a possibility of a loss of lakhs of rupees due to the fire. At the same time, it has been told by the plant management that the tanker carrying oil had reached the plant. During welding at around 10.30 am, the spark fell on the tank, due to which the fire broke out. The fire was brought under control at around 12.30 pm after about two hours of effort.

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