Firing in Allahabad University after Scuffle between Students and Security Guards

Story Highlights
  • Altercation between Students and Security Guards at Allahabad University
  • Student leader Vivekanand Pathak's head injured heavily
  • Angry students started vandalizing the university campus

Allahabad: Several rounds of firing took place at Allahabad University following an altercation between students and security guards, injuring several students. Student leader Vivekanand Pathak’s head has been injured badly. The students allege that the guards refused to open the gate when student leader Vivekanand Pathak reached there to go to a bank located on the university campus. 

There was an argument between them regarding this. It is being said that after some time more than 200 university guards closed the gate and started beating the students with sticks. In this altercation, half a dozen students including Vivekananda Pathak were injured. After which, the angry students started vandalizing the university campus.

After the ruckus at Allahabad University, DM Sanjay Khatri reached the campus with heavy force. The students set fire to the university canteen and set several vehicles on fire as well. A large number of students were seen creating nuisances on the campus, which the police force tried to control. Many police forces from several police stations have reached the campus. The Allahabad University campus and the entire area have been turned into a police cantonment.

Police Commissioner Sumit Sharma himself has taken a stand. He reached the university campus with heavy force. The students set fire to the canteen after ransacking the vice-chancellor’s office. The flower pots kept at the Vice-Chancellor’s office were broken. After such a ruckus by the students, the force has been increased in the university premises. 

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