First Nuclear Power Plant by Poland to be Built in the US

Poland: In a bid to reduce coal burning and utilize better energy resources, Poland is all set to build its first Nuclear Power Plant. And the decision of choosing Westinghouse and the US govt to set up the plant came from Poland to strengthen ties between them. 

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that this plant will use reliable and safe technology which will widely control air pollution in the European nations. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine seems to have awakened most nations to search for better alternatives for energy resources. The project is set to cost about $40 billion and it is also expected to provide jobs to also 1 lakh American workers. 

Jennifer Granholm, the U.S. Energy Secretary tweeted about the same and said, “This is a HUGE step in strengthening our relationship with Poland to create energy security for future generations to come. We are excited to continue this partnership to drive forward a clean energy transition with our counterparts in Europe.”

She further added, “This announcement also sends a clear message to Russia: We will not let them weaponize energy any longer. The West will stand together against this unprovoked aggression, while also diversifying energy supply chains and bolstering climate cooperation.”

However, the deal is set to be only for the first 3 reactors of the Power Plant which is expected to produce electricity by the year 2033. Earlier South Korea and France were also in talks with Poland regarding the offer to build a Nuclear power plant in their respective countries. But to strengthen US-Poland ties, Poland chose the US to set up the power plant. 

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