Folk Artists in MP to get Financial Assistance of Rs 5000

KHAJURAHO: The SS Chauhan govt has announced financial assistance to the folk artists bringing laurels to the state in the field of Art and Literature. Addressing a Lok Kalakar Panchayat on Wednesday, CM Chauhan made the announcement of rewarding Rs 5,000 to artists belonging to the weaker economic sections of the society per month.

In case of the death of the artist, the kin would be given financial assistance of Rs 3500 he said. He further raised the honorarium given by the state govt from Rs 800 to 1500. The daily wages per say were hiked from Rs 250 to 500. He also honored the tribal folk artistes who were conferred with Padma awards and other dignitaries for their excellent work in the field of art and literature.

Earlier in the day, Chauhan inaugurated the Tribal and Folk Arts State Museum Cultural Village Adivart at Khajuraho in the Chhatarpur district. Adivarta has been envisaged as MP Tribal and Folk Art State Museum by the culture department.

The visit came on the heels of the G-20 meeting Culture Working group meeting scheduled in Khajuraho. The first cultural meeting of the G20 in Khajuraho is a major link in taking India’s culture, heritage, and glory to the global level.

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