Former BJP Cabinet Minister Moolchand Khandelwal Passes Away

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  • Former cabinet minister Moolchand Khandelwal passed away today.
  • He was ill for a long time and was been treated in Apollo Hospital Bilaspur.
  • Khandelwal was cremated at Sarkanda Muktidham at 3 PM today.

Madhya Pradesh: Moolchand Khandelwal (Mullu Bhaiyya), a Cabinet Minister of BJP of Madhya Pradesh, died on Friday at 9 a.m. He had been sick for a long time and was being treated at the Apollo Hospital in Bilaspur. Moolchand Khandelwal was the former Patwa government’s Food Minister. Late Moolchand Khandelwal was well-known not just in Bilaspur, but also among the district and state authorities, who were all very ardent and dynamic. According to reports, a big number of followers used to attend his rallies to show their support. In Bilaspur, he was the first to break into the Congress stronghold.

Khandelwal, who began his political career as a counsellor in Bilaspur’s Gol Bazar ward (then Jan Sangh Deep Chhap), was the first individual to beat the Congress in the assembly constituency of Bilaspur, which was considered a Congress bastion at the time. He was also appointed minister of the state as a result of his triumph. Moolchand Khandelwal, who was born in 1937 and died on October 15th at the age of 84, was born in 1937. On social media, the process of paying tribute to the former minister has also begun.

The last rites of Moolchand Khandelwal were performed today at 3 p.m. in Sarkanda Muktidham. Along with politics, the death of Moolchand Khandelwal, who was involved in several groups and cultural movements, is an irreparable loss for Bilaspur that will never be repaid. Senior BJP leaders arrived in Bilaspur today for the former minister’s burial.

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