Former Officer and Other High-Profile Persons Fall Prey to Cyber Fraud

Story Highlights
  • Currently a former police officer and the managing director and chairman of TSSPDSC fell prey to online fraud cases
  • A case was registered by a former general of police rank officer, claiming that he has lost a lump sum amount of 2.5 lakhs
  • The hacker is suspected to execute out four different banking transactions

Hyderabad: Unlike before, now common people are no longer the ‘only’ target of cyber fraudsters. High-profile fraud allegations are increasing by leaps and bounds in and around the country. A recent case has been reported in Hyderabad where a retired general of police rank officer recently registered a case which caused him to lose a sum of Rs. 2.5 lakh. The cyber fraudster stated that he was a BSNL call center executive and asked the ex-police officer to update his KYC (Know Your Customer). The suspicious hacker executed 4 different banking transactions and withdrew money.

Another case was registered to the Hyderabad cybercrime police by Raghuman Reddy, the managing director and chairman of Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDC). Reddy claimed that his PAN number and driving license number were taken by the cyber fraudster. Many victims who have fallen prey to such online fraud cases include residents of Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, and Banjara Hills. The list includes eminent business personalities, executives, and technology specialists too.

A resident of the USA and Hyderabad stated that he had lost 11.50 crore some days back. He was conned on the pretense of trading seed oil through import business. “The breach of customer details is one of the prime reasons for cyber frauds. Many victims fall prey to fraudsters since the fraudsters, after accessing the breached data, give authentic details about the customer like policy details or banning information or similar information while fooling the customer that it’s an authentic phone call. Trusting the caller, the victims share all the requested information”, assistant commissioner of police (cybercrime) KVM Prasad said to a well-known news daily.

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