Four Detained for Helping Disputed Khalistani Leader Amritpal Singh Escape

PUNJAB: The Punjab police detained 4 for helping wanted Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh in escaping. Four arrested for helping radical preacher Amritpal Singh escape, says Punjab Police. PTI spoke to Punjab IGP Sukhchain Singh Gil while interacting with the media. In a vidoe footage recovered by media houses, Amritpal in seen exiting a car and hightaiing it along with his aides on bikes.

The 30 year old leader is seen changing clothes and dodging the police forces on Saturday, as seen in a footage extracted from a toll both on Saturday. Pal on the day of the opertion launched to nab him was seen on the front seat of a Maruti Brezza. Days before he was spotted in a Mercedez SUV that he later dumped by the road side prior to swtitching to Brezza.

The police deputed in the bordering areas of the district have been put on high alert. Additional police personnel have been deputed in the bordering areas of Parwanoo, which is the gateway to Himachal Pradesh, and vehicles entering the state are being checked, according to Superintendent of Police (SP) Virender Sharma.

The police have also released 7 photos of Amritpal in different looks suspecting that he moght have changed his appearance and hoping that people help spot him. The Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh since four day has been dodging thousands of policemen from Haryana and Punjab.

Areas such as Dhabota, Dheerowal, Naya Gram and Bagheri in the Nalagarh industrial belt, which share borders with Punjab, were on alert. Vehicles entering these areas were being thoroughly checked by the police to ensure that no suspicious persons in possession of weapons entered the area.

So far over 120 people have beenarrested including his uncle. Several from the outfit Waris De Punjab have also been detained under NSA . Internet services were restored in parts of the state , they were suspended from three days.

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