Chhattisgarh: Fraud of 23 Lakh with Rural Agricultural Official; FIR lodged against the culprit

Story Highlights
  • The rural agriculture extension officer was swindled by a resident of Mova
  • The accused managed to crack the deal with fake documentation
  • Khamardih Police is in charge of the search operation of the accused

Raipur: The rural agriculture extension officer was swindled by a resident of Mova. Rafi Ahmed sold the government land claiming it to be his private possession. The fake documentation of the land assisted Rafi in deceiving the officer. 

The victim lodged a case of fraud against the accused in the Khamardih police station area. According to Khamhardih police, Kavita Agarwal, a resident of Kushalpur old basti, who served as a rural agriculture extension officer, bought 1250 sq ft of land located in Maharishi Valmiki Ward on 25 May 2015 from Rafi Ahmad. The deal was finalized for about Rs 23 lakh 23 thousand. The applicant was assured by Rafi Ahmed that the land was owned by him. 

Later, the accused fraudulently took the power of attorney from the registry and denied handing it over to the victim.

The fraudulency came to the witness notice of the victim when she applied for demarcation at the Tehsil Office.

Rafi Ahmed very cleverly prepared a fake Mukhtar Nama and defrauded Ms. Kavita Agarwal. He managed to deceive a government employee and is now absconding. The search operation is being carried out under the guidance of Khamardih police.

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