Fresh Travel Guidelines Issued for Pax from Nations at Risk

Story Highlights
  • Civil Aviation Ministry issue new guidelines for international travellers from nations at risk.
  • The revision comes in light of the Omicron threat.
  • Omicron- the new COVID variant had surfaced in South Africa.

New Delhi: All pax arriving from nations ‘at risk’ from December 20th will have to compulsorily pre-book an RT-PCR test while arriving at major airports of the country. Airports at Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru have been added to the revised list issued by the Ministry of Aviation.

The Air Suvidha Portal would be revised to allow pax arriving from nations at risk or have either visited the ‘at risk countries’ in the past 14 days. The Portal would tag the link to the concerned airport website where the passengers will have to fill in a self-declaration form. The memorandum further informed the provision of a lead time of one week considering the convenience of the travellers.

A few days ago, Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said the dept is all geared up to face the new mutation. He said,” We are putting emphasis on keeping an eye on passengers coming from the 12 countries considered sensitive for the new variant.”

This development in the travel guidelines stemmed from the detection of the new mutation in South Africa named -Omicron which is cited to be potentially transmissible and dangerous. Airports across the globe have readdressed their travel guidelines amidst the Omicron scare.

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