Fuel Leak Scrubs Second Moon Mission Attempt

Story Highlights
  • Artemis 1- mission to moon scrubbed for the second time.
  • Engineers detected hydrogen gas leak during trials.
  • There is no announcement on the next launch date yet.

Engineers on Saturday recommended rescheduling of NASA’s second attempt to launch Artemis 1 as trouble reverted due to hydrogen gas leak. The delay occurred after the 30 storey rocket due to orbit the Moon reported a -fuel leak according to engineers. An official ‘no-go’ announcement was made by the launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson Engineers will priorities emptying the liquid oxygen tank, he said.

Engineers state that the flow of the liquid Hydrogen was restored manually. However after all trouble shooting seemed fine, the crew mounted to test and the leak returned as the pressure was added. At present the Space agency has not announced the next date yet.

This was the second attempt at the mission, after the initial launch on August 29th had to be called off due to technical issues including a problem with one of the rocket’s four main engines.

Artemis 1 is a crew-less mission, however the SLS rocket will be transporting three mannequins equipped with a wide range of sensors. The 322-foot (98-meter) rocket, the most powerful ever developed by NASA, had over 1 million gallons of fuel loaded into it for the second time this week.

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