G20 Presidency: Official Website, Theme, and Logo to be Unveiled by PM Modi

New Delhi: India will start the G20 presidency on December 1 this year. A press release by the PM’s office stated that the official website, theme, and logo of the G20 presidency will be revealed by the Prime Minister on Tuesday via video conferencing. The unveiling program will start at 4.30 pm IST. The logo and theme will not only reflect the country’s message to the world but it will also reflect the PM’s vision to make India a priority on the global stage.

In the official statement by the PM office, it is said, “Guided by the Prime Minister’s vision, India’s foreign policy has been evolving to undertake leadership roles on the global stage.” The G20 presidency primarily focuses on offering unique opportunities to India so that it can flourish on the international stage and deal with issues of global importance. It has also been said that the G20 presidency will see almost 200 meetings in multiple locations across the country. These meetings will conjugately focus on 32 different sectors that will help India boost its economy and get global recognition. 

This presidency will open space for major international relationships and focus on economic cooperation in the international forum. This represents almost 85% of the world’s entire GDP, about two-thirds of the world’s population, and over 75% of the trade and business that occurs worldwide. Thereby, the significance of this presidency is optimal and the unveiling of the logo, theme, and website also depicts equal importance. The G20 summit to be hosted by India next year will see a major high-profile gathering of the international forums of trade and business. 

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