G20 Summit Closure, PM Modi speaks of “ambitious” Presidency

Bali, Indonesia: The ongoing G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia has seen many political involvements. As it comes to an end today, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bali to attend the closing ceremony. In his speech during the summit, PM Modi spoke about India’s G20 presidency to be “inclusive, ambitious, decisive and action-oriented”. Notably, it is a special moment for India as it has received the presidency of the G20 summit officially and the office of the same will be assumed from December 1st for a period of one year. 

In his address during the Summit, PM Modi said, “India’s G20 presidency will be inclusive, ambitious, decisive and action-oriented. In the next year, it will be our endeavour that G20 works as a global prime mover to give impetus to collective action.” He further added, “The sense of ownership over natural resources is giving rise to conflict today and has become the main cause of the plight of the environment. For the safe future of the planet, the sense of trusteeship is the solution. LiFE i.e. ‘Lifestyle for Environment’ campaign can make a big contribution to this. Its purpose is to make sustainable lifestyles a mass movement.”

The PM also focused on the development of women of the society and also conveyed a strong message of peace and harmony as the country plans to assume the G20 summit presidency sooner. 

Concluding his speech, PM Modi further said, “It is a proud occasion for every Indian to assume the G-20 Presidency. We will organize G-20 meetings in different cities and states of our country. Our guests will get full experience of India’s amazing diversity, inclusive traditions, and cultural richness. We wish that all of you will participate in this unique celebration in India, the Mother of Democracy. Together, we will make the G-20, a catalyst for global change.”

The Indonesian president, Joko Widodo was also present at the closing ceremony of the G20 Summit. He handed over the presidency officially to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who started his speech by praising him. Next year, India will host the G20 summit in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. 

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