Gas Leak From Grasim Industries In Madhya Pradesh

Story Highlights
  • Leakage of oleum gas has started in the cs2 department of Grasim industries.
  • The smoke of gas has spread throughout the city.
  • Efforts are being made to stop the gas leak.

Ujjain: Due to the leakage of oleum gas from the CSTU department of Grasim Industries at 4:00 pm, the smoke of the gas spread throughout the city. This caused a stir in the city. According to the people, the smoke was so much that the face-to-face people were not visible. Everyone was calling each other to get information about the gas issue. 

The entire Nagda city is engulfed in smoke due to the gas leak in the same gracing factory. An employee of police administration is present at the spot. The people have been imprisoned in their homes. Along with this, the workers have been sent home before time for safety.

If the residents of Nagda are to be believed, then the smoke is so much that even the person in front is not visible. Here, if industry officials are to be believed, efforts are being made to stop the gas leak. However, fear is prevailing among the people and they are trying to get information from each other about the gas leak.

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