Gehlot Likely to Hold Back Nomination as Trouble Brews in Rajasthan: Sources

Story Highlights
  • Ashok Gehlot likely to hold back nomination for Presidential post.
  • Top brass upset with the sudden resignation that took place on Sunday night.
  • 82 MLAs in Rajasthan resigned on Sunday night.

New Delhi: A political drama unfolded in Rajasthan after 82 MLAs loyal to chief minister Ashok Gehlot resigned from the state assembly on Sunday night. The MLAs are opposing the appointment of a new Rajasthan CM from those who rebelled against the Gehlot government in July 2020.

The mass resignation comes after speculation rose that Sachin Pilot will take over as the new chief minister if Ashok Gehlot wins the Congress’s presidential poll.

Meanwhile, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi has directed observers Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken to conduct one-on-one talks with the MLAs to resolve the crisis. Sources also add that it it likely Gehlot will hold back filing the nomination for the Congress presidential election.

Sources report, the grand old party is likely to issue show-cause notices to Rajasthan MLAs Mahesh Joshi and Shanti Dhariwal. The leaders will be asked why they have committed ‘anti-party’ acts and why they held a meeting pn Sunday when the legislative meeting was called by senior leaders.


According to sources, the MLAs who resigned on Sunday have put forth a three-point agenda which includes the demand for a chief ministerial candidate from among the Gehlot loyalists. Gehlot camp MLAs have conveyed to the party high command emissaries, including Maken and Khadge, that deliberations on possible leadership change in Rajasthan should happen after the new Congress President is appointed. Third, Ashok Gehlot’s choice should be taken into consideration.

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