Germany Not in Favor of Relaxing towards COVID-19 Restrictions for Vaccinated People

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  • Germany opposed the easing of COVID-19 restrictions for people who have already been vaccinated against the virus
  • The German authorities agreed on toughening the coronavirus-related restrictions, closing all non-essential businesses

Berlin: A vaccination campaign began in Germany on Monday. The German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn is not in favor of giving relaxation towards restrictions for vaccinated people who have already been vaccinated against the virus.

They have to maintain the pandemic restrictions, like wearing face masks to resist the deadly infection in the coming month. According to the national vaccination plan adopted on December 18, people over the age of eighty and medical personnel who are at high risk of exposure to the infection will be vaccinated first.

“Some have a priority now to get vaccinated first because we have only a few vaccines available. Those who have not been vaccinated can expect those who have to show solidarity and not declare that they are no longer subject to something like wearing a face mask… We have confronted the pandemic until now in solidarity as a society, and we will confront it in the coming months the same way until everyone will be offered a vaccine,” the minister told the German ZDF broadcaster.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the authorities in Germany agreed on toughening the coronavirus-related restrictions ahead of the Christmas season until January 10, closing all non-essential businesses and banning alcohol consumption in public areas. They subjected these pandemic restrictions to be followed up by the Germans to confront the COVID-19 infections in a unanimity.

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