Germany Under Pressure as COVID-19 Cases Record Striking Surge

Germany: With Europe re-emerging as the centre of the pandemic, tighter controls were called on Monday, as Germany races to contain a record rise in coronavirus infections in recent weeks, with hospitals sounding the alarm about overflowing intensive care units. The govt has been put under heavy pressure to balance the infection count.

With 30,643 infections reported on Monday, officials from the health department raised doubts on the surge despite 68% elderly vaccinated. Health Minister Jens Spahn on Monday urged more citizens to get jabbed to curtail the ferocious fourth wave of the novel virus. “Probably by the end of this winter, as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead,” Spahn said, blaming “the very contagious Delta variant”.

Last week, authorities in Germany has imposed tough curbs citing the sudden surge and barred unvaccinated from public spaces like cinemas, gyms and indoor dining. Employees were rebooted to Work From Home. In cases of emergency visit to work place or use of public transport individuals will have to fulfill the ‘3G system’ imposer by the govt. Regions like Bavaria and Saxony, have gone even further by cancelling large events such as Christmas markets and effectively restraining the unvaccinated from non-essential public life.

Officials have also urged all vaccinated adults have to get a booster shot to combat waning vaccine efficacy after six months. So far the country recorded 7,408,870,760 vaccinations since the inception of the program.

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