Girl Attempts Suicide in Balodbazar; Reason Unknown

Story Highlights
  • Police and fishermen rescue girl who attempted suicide in Karihabzar.
  • The girl reportedly jumped from Amgaon bridge.
  • The girl is being treated at the PHC at Karihabazar.

Balodbazar: The Karhibazar police on Thursday rescued a girl who jumped into the Shivanath River with the intention of committing suicide. As per reports the girl jumped from Amgaon bridge and was rescued by joint efforts of the Police and the fishermen who acted swiftly.

Ram Bardhawaj, Prar Mirza Abbas, constrable Ved Prakash and fishermen Punaram are those involved in the rescue ops.

So far there is no reports on why the girl committed suicide, however she is being treated at PHC at Karhibazar for treatment sources said.

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