Global Internet Outage: Numerous Big Firms Go Offline

Story Highlights
  • Outage attributed to Fastly; a CDN provider
  • Major sites like Reddit and Twitch were brought down
  • International Media like CNN, NYTimes, Bloomberg and several others go down

World: A major outage was reported across the globe on Tuesday afternoon after  failure of a cloud computing service provider Fastly.

Fastly said it was investigating “the potential impact to performance with our CDN services,” according to its website. 

 The outage appears to have targeted Amazon Web Services,  which might have an enormous impact on a large chunk on the internet.  

 The users trying to connect to either Reddit or Twitch return 503 errors, and many other popular sites hosted on AWS, like the user marketplace Etsy, developer forum Stack Overflow, GitHub, and online auction house eBay, are also affected. 

Nearly 21,000 Reddit users reported the issue on social media platforms while more than 2,000 users reported a glitch with Amazon.

Numerous international media websites New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg News, and Financial Times were also down.  After the publication of this story, more Australian sites started to suffer outages. Major Australian mastheads like The Age and Sydney Morning Herald were struggling to load, while other websites were having issues with other elements that were reliant on AWS (like image hosting).

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