Go Home If You Want to Wear Hijab: State Minister

Story Highlights
  • Udipi girls forced to quit Hijab.
  • Protests escalated after State Education minister said- go home if you wear Hijab.
  • The hijab conflict began after few Muslim girls in the govt college were abandoned from their classes.

Why can’t we have our identity and Education both, ask Hijab clad girls in Karnataka who have been fighting authorities since the new year  Being subjected to mental harassment in schools, these girls have been subjected to emotional upheaval and intense scrutiny Their days at the schools now pass protesting outside the classroom

Nearly after three weeks today, the protests demanding permission to wear Hijab escalated as students sloganed with placards in the premises. These protests came a day after the college authorities and district officials released an ultimatum instructing them to follow their Uniform code or wither from education. The statement given by the state education minister added fuel to the protests as he called the practice indiscipline and that educational institutions were ‘ not a place to practice dharma’.

The protesting girls insisted they demanded no special treatment and also pressed were not breaching rules of the educational institutions. Highlighting the pujas and other religious rituals practised regularly, Aliya a protesting student said “ we have no objection if other students want to wear their religious symbols. With 20 news days now, and the authorities not reconsidering their stance, students claim to lose on education and fear the upcoming examinations.

The no hijab conflict between the administration and the authorities emerged after schools in Karnataka resumed offline classes.

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