MP: Goat Born With Human Face; Shocks Internet

VIDHISHA: A baby goat with the face of a human has stunned the internet. Locals of Semal Khedi village in Sironj tehsil, Vidisha have reported having seen a goat give birth to the anatomical oddity on November 11.

The goat called a mutant appears to have an anthropomorphic facial structure, or a deformed “human face”, thick white fur, and crystal eyes enclosed in black rings resembling spectacles.

The villages gathered around the house of Nabab Khan the owner of the goat. Nabab owns a cattle farm and a buffalo and seven goats gave birth in the batch that reported the human-faced goat.

According to veterinarian Manav Singh said the goat has a rare condition called “head dyspepsia”, which accounts for one out of every 50,000 animal births and is more commonly reported among cattle than goats.

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