Google’s New Era Of Cloud Fueled By AI

California: Google has been a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) research for many years, but it has been slow to bring its AI technologies to its own products. However, it has now announced a scalable purpose-built AI accelerator that can run both large-scale AI training and inferencing on a single Cloud TPU platform. Google launched a new set of cloud infrastructure and tools for AI development, including fifth-egeneration Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) at its Cloud Next 2023 event.

Further, it also announced the release of new Virtual Machines (VMs) with NVIDIA H100 GPU, which shall be available next month. VMs are designed to help organisations achieve three times better training performance than the prior generation A2.

Google is also using AI to improve its other products and services. For example, AI is being used to improve the accuracy of Google Translate, to personalize Google News, and to recommend products on Google Shopping.

By bringing AI to its home turf, Google is making its products and services more intelligent and user-friendly. This is likely to help Google maintain its dominance in the tech industry.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, Google is also using AI in a variety of other ways, such as; developing self-driving cars, generating realistic images and videos, creating chatbots that can hold conversations with humans, analyzing medical data to improve diagnoses and treatments, and detecting fraud and spam

Google’s commitment to AI is clear. The company is investing heavily in AI research and development, and it is integrating AI into its products and services at an accelerating pace. This is likely to have a major impact on the tech industry and on society as a whole.

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