Governer Ansuiya And CM Baghel To Solicit Police Commemoration Day

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  • Governer Ansuiya and CM Baghel to attend the Police Commemoration Day Parade.
  • 377 martyred securities personal will be honoured in the program.
  • This day is celebrated because to pay tribute to 10 CRPF who were martyred in Ladakh by the Chinese army.

Raipur: Police Commemoration Day Parade will be organized on October 21st in the presence of Governor Ms Anusuiya Uikey and Chief Minister Mr Bhupesh Baghel. The program in memory of the martyrs will be conducted from 8.50 am and will be concluded at 10.21 am at Chauthi Vahini, Chhasbal, Mana.  The Governor will convene with the families of 32 policemen who were martyred in the state of Chhattisgarh from September 1st 2020 to August 31st 2021.

 As per the itinerary for the program, the Governor will take the salute from the march past contingent of the state security forces. Following which the pallbearer party would hand over the list to the governor. The program will continue with a tribute address by the Director-General of Police at 9.10 am, by the Home Minister at 9.13 am, by the Chief Minister at 9.15 am and a tribute address by the Governor at 9.22 am. In the program, the Pal-Bearer party will establish the honour list in the memorial fund and salute the martyrs along with providing them wreaths as well as reading aloud the list of 377 security personnel martyred on the altar of duty from September 01st to August 31st 2021 across the country.

It is noteworthy that Police Commemoration Day is organized every year on October 21st. The day is celebrated because, on October 21st 1959, a small CRPF patrol was deployed in the country’s front line of defence by the Chinese army in a massive ambush at Hot Springs in Ladakh. In this battle, 10 CRPF soldiers had made the supreme sacrifice

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