Govt Owned First Homeo Manufacturing Unit in Bhopal

BHOPAL: India’s first government-owned homeopathy medicine manufacturing unit will be set up in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The unit will be established at the Government Homeopathic College, officials said.

The AYUSH department targets to produce medicines worth Rs 20 crore annually with the first batch beginning with selective medicines. AYUSH officials mentioned that production would gradually increase. At least 600 types of medicines will be produced in the latest setup that would fulfill the requirements of the government-run homeopathy hospital. At present, 145 types of medicines are available at the hospitals. The medicines after fulfilling the requirements in the government-run hospitals will also be released into the market for purchase- officials said.

The outlay of Rs 12 crore was issued to the MP govt by the centre in 2009 for the establishment of the unit. The state will receive its next installment of Rs 10 crore through the phases of development.

Apart from the manufacturing unit, a drug testing laboratory is also being set up which would check the quality of the drugs being manufactured.

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