GP Singh Summoned to Kotwali Police Station; Cited Health Issues on Failure of Arrival

Story Highlights
  • Suspended Chhattisgarh ADGP GP was summoned by police officials at the Kotwali Police station on Thursday
  • Failing to visit the police station; Singh writes a letter citing health issues as a reason for failure to comply with the notice
  • Police teams deployed to Delhi, Orissa, and other states to look out for Singh

Raipur: Suspended Chhattisgarh Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) GP Singh has sent a letter citing health issues as the reason behind his failure to arrive at the police station. Officials had summoned Singh to Kotwali Police Station Raipur on Thursday.  Sources report that neither Singh nor his lawyers arrived at the police station to appear on his behalf. 

In response to Singh’s failure to arrive, teams of police officials have been deployed to Delhi, Orissa, and other states to look out for Singh. The raid conducted by ACB and EOW revealed that Singh possessed several properties in these states, on which Police officials shall conduct further probe. Chhattisgarh Police officials had also deployed a team to track Singh’s location. 

Sources reveal that if the Police officials are unable to find Singh, a notice will be issued against him. If he still does not appear at the Police Station, a search notice will be issued by the Chhattisgarh Court. Based on which, Police officials will be authorized to arrest Singh soon. 

However, since the matter is related to the top officer of the department itself, the Police is refraining to take any such step.

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